All students wishing for parish or diocesan financial aid must apply online for aid to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at

Last year's recipients must re-apply. Grants are for one year only.

Families must include their parish name and address in section (1) of the form. Saint Agnes Academy must be listed in section (2). Only one application is needed to cover all children attending catholic schools, including high school.

Help is available from Facts. Call 1-866-315-9262 or .email

A family failing to complete this process prior to March 15 may be unable to get any assistance.

Families applying for parish financial aid must also complete a parish financial aid application.


Financial Aid Forms are due by March 15.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Saint Agnes Academy uses FACTS Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program and financial aid assessment.  We have been using them for years to analyze financial aid needs and now use them for the collection of tuition payments.

We are asking all families to visit [] and register your family and students for a tuition plan for the next school year.  It will help you create a profile and select a payment plan.  It allows you to choose a payment method [bank account, checking account or credit card payments]. It allows you to choose a day for payment [1st -15th of each month].  It allows you to choose frequency of payment [yearly, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly]. Your status is St. Agnes Sponsored, other Catholic Parish Sponsored or Non-Sponsored. 

Each family will create an account or login to an already existing account to make these tuition choices.  After doing so you will receive a confirmation to review your choices.  Academy staff will then populate the tuition amounts and credit any financial aid awards.  These amounts will be added in a timely fashion allowing our families to review the amounts prior to the first payment being made. 

Since the stability of our school and the quality of its programs rely on tuition, we are always seeking ways to make improvements to benefit everyone. FACTS is used by many schools in our Diocese and over 6,500 schools nationally. We are excited to be working with them and are confident this program will offer greater efficiency and financial stability for the school while providing convenience to families.  Follow this link to get started today:

You will realize these benefits by using FACTS for your tuition payment plan:

You will choose your status. Sponsored Student St. Agnes Parish; Non-Sponsored Student Full Pay; Sponsored Student by other Catholic Parish. 
You will choose Full Payment (1); Semi Annual Payment (2); Quarterly Payments (4); or Monthly Payments (12)
Automatic Payments: You many choose any day between the 1st- 15th of each month as your payment date. Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from a variety of credit cards.
Convenience & Security: Along with multiple payment plan options, your payments are processed securely through a bank to bank transaction.
Peace of Mind Insurance: FACTS offers this optional benefit for only $20 per year per family. In the event of death of the Responsible Party or spouse, the remaining tuition balance owed for the current school year is paid to the school.
Consumer Account: You may check your personal account or make payments online from the convenience of your home or office anytime.

Fr. Chris Malatesta, Pastor