At St. Agnes Academy, we strive to promote the religious, academic, physical, social, and emotional growth and development of all of our students. To accomplish this goal, the district has implemented and continues to improve a comprehensive school wellness program at all levels.

Our Wellness Program includes the following elements:

•   Promotion of a healthy school environment— a safe and nurturing climate where all students are known by the staff

•   Nutritional standards for all foods provided in school

•   Student services—coordinated programs of health care, student assistance programs and mentoring.

•   Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment—a coordinated K-8 program about healthy relationships, bullying and self-awareness.

All foods available for sale during the school day will comply with the National School Lunch Act, the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, with attention to Life Threatening Food Allergies.

All students at St. Agnes Academy will receive physical education/health/wellness instruction each year, with additional opportunities for physical activity through daily, supervised recess after lunch for all students and an additional supervised morning recess for students in grades PK-3.